There are 269 professionals worldwide who have received the title of Master Sommelier, according to the Court of Master Sommeliers. To put that number into perspective, according to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, the world governing body for air sports and stewards for the definitions regarding human space flight, as of April 9, 2020, 563 people have been to space.

So over twice as many people have gone to space, as have achieved this prestigious distinction of Master Sommelier…

I am one of the 269.  This is not to brag, just to let you know that I’m certified.  Not certifiable.  Haha!

But in addition to being a Master Sommelier, I’m a small wine shop owner, I’m a Boulderite, I’m a husband, and I’m a father.


Why…you ask?  There is ONE topic widely used in the wine & spirits world, but rarely defined.  It is one of the broadest, yet most powerful topics written about.  The trade and consumers view it as more important than ever, especially in today’s current environment.

Can you guess it???  No?

Well here are some hints to what I know…

  • Less than 1% of agricultural land in the US is certified organic- the number is 0.6%. It’s nothing more than a rounding error.
  • The percent of vineyards cultivated without chemical pesticides or fertilizers worldwide is 3.6%.
  • In the US, there are 172 professionals who have earned the title of Master Sommelier. Of those, 144 are men and 28 are women.
  • Georgia’s first Black-owned brick-and-mortar brewery just opened in July 2020 (yep, a big shout out to you, Hippin’ Hops!)

Did you guess yet? 


So while many talk about saving the environment and supporting diversity, let’s start viewing our dollars as a vote for the food systems we believe in.

I want to use my expertise, my knowledge, my voice, and my influence to celebrate modern-day wine and spirit trailblazers with an eye toward environmental and social responsibility.

Here’s my promise.

I’m going to talk to the most progressive minds and spirits that are already championing this movement. I’m going to demystify wine tasting and winemaking. I’m going to talk science, data, wine trends. I’m also going to cover all things wine and spirits as it relates to pop culture. I’m going to talk to the creative minds behind the Organic, Natural, Biodynamic, and Clean Label Project certified wine brands- both in the vineyards as well as in the wineries.  

So all you wine-lovers, you hipsters, you agents of change, and you free-thinking non-conformists, I need your help. Help me bring awareness and celebrate the amazing farmers, brewers, brands and distillers, that are viewing wine, spirits, and adult beverages differently. It’s about great tasting wine, beer, and spirits that come from a good place and a good heart.

Join me in changing the world for the better- one glass at a time.